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Equipfit Cast Iron, Powder Coated Kettlebells

Quality rarely found in the Iron kettlebell range - Lifetime warranty - structural integrity guaranteed for life.

Equipfit cast iron kettlebells are designed to provide a comfortable lifting experience both through handle grip and window size with durability being the most important design component increasing product longevity and safety for the lifter. Most kettlebells rattle or the handles break over time. This is due to the fact that the handles are typically welded on and fillers are added inside the unit to make a certain weight. Single casting overcomes these issues so you can buy and lift with quality reassurance and peace of mind. 

Innovative Single Casting Design  = No welds, fillers or breakages
Precision gravity single casting from one whole piece of iron substantially increases the durability of a kettlebell removing the need for welds or fillers that break, rattle and loosen over time.
Increased weight accuracy
Gravity casting increases weight accuracy to have a tolerance within 300g.
Durable and comfortable powder coated finish
Precision casting provides a smoother surface for the powder coating which protects hands, wrists and forearms. Durable powder coating keeps our bells looking great beyond traditional kettlebell paint.
Handle Grip
Great gripping surface for both chalk or non chalk users especially when things get sweaty.
Easily identifiable
Coloured bands on handles are coded to international standards for easy weight identification with the weight engraved on the bell.

A favourite for NZ's TOP Kettlebell Masters
Ekaterina Tabakova "The Kettlebell Ninja" from the NZ Kettlebell Academy.
Mike Huffam from "The Huff - no ordinary trainer" from Master Kettlebell Academy.

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