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At Equipfit, we take pride in being the distributor of Eleiko products nationwide in New Zealand. We bring the legacy of Eleiko, renowned for excellence in strength training, to your doorstep. With over six decades of Swedish craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to quality, Eleiko has set the gold standard in weightlifting and strength equipment.

Our mission is to empower professional athletes, sports organizations, and fitness enthusiasts across New Zealand by providing them with access to the iconic Eleiko barbells, plates cutting-edge training solutions, and an array of world-class equipment. We understand that true strength isn't just about physical power; it's a reflection of dedication, discipline, and determination.

Equipfit is your dedicated partner on your journey to elevate your strength and performance. With our nationwide distribution of Eleiko, we offer you the tools to achieve your full potential in strength and beyond. Join us in the pursuit of excellence and together, let's elevate your strength nationwide.

Equipfit can quote and supply all Eleiko products on a lead time of 12-18 weeks at your request.


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