About us


Founded in New Zealand in 2014 fusing a collective passion for physical performance and engineering. 

Equipfit are a small family business dedicated to bringing fitness professionals, athletes and engineers together to develop innovative and superior strength equipment.


Equipfit provide; 

  • Superior strength equipment through our local fabrication chain or through proven brands such as Eleiko and Crossropes.
  • Confidence in our products with our robust warranties and customer reviews.
  • Quality customer service. As a small company every customer matter to us.


Local Vision

We see an industry in need of change! Our dream is to boost the quality of strength equipment in NZ and the Pacific and promote the involvement of sport, and well-being in our communities.


Equipfit Fabrication Chain

We listen to our customer’s ideas and requests and are driven to ensure the products and services we provide deliver! That's why all our products are tested, some even have lifetime warranties.

Design -  Our engineer uses extensive design programs with in depth static and dynamic loading to ensure our designs surpass our strength tests before production even begins.

Manufacturing - All our fabricated products are made locally driving toward our goal for a self-sustaining community. We use laser cutting and precision bending to ensure everything fits perfectly. We use experienced and certified welders that weld in a safe clean environment. 

Finishing -    Our powdercoater takes pride in their quality finishing and is why we have stuck with them. 


Equipfit Imported Products 

The perks of visiting supply chains is that we can source proven products from renowned brands and rebrand them to sell them to our market at an affordable price. See our kettlebell and bumper plates.



For more than 50 years Eleiko has taken an active part in international sport, weightlifting and powerlifting, our products have been delivered to 160 countries all over the world. The trademark stands for quality, competence and success in the sporting world.

Eleiko produces bars and strength equipment that have been used by thousands of athletes around the world. With quality, professionalism and customer service as guiding principles, we are a strength training equipment supplier that you can rely on. Eleiko Sport has become, and still is, the gold standard.



Incredibly popular and affordable. The crossrope system is an versatile, portable, interchangeable jump rope system that challenges and transforms all its users. With a large social community, it's own app and access to a expansive range workouts the Crossrope system is a great fitness fix.


If you have any queries or requests contact us so you can make an informed decision on your strength equipment and training options.