Crossrope Jump Rope App

Our fun new jump rope training app gives you access to fun workouts, tutorials, and fitness challenges on the go.

Workouts in Your Pocket

The new jump rope training app from Crossrope gives you access to fun and effective workouts with your Crossrope jump ropes. Whether you're looking for a quick workout on the go or a fun fitness challenge to work through, our jump rope app will let you take your training on the go.

Workout Feed

Workout Feed

Our live workout feed will give you access to fun and challenging new workouts every week.

Workout previews

Quick Preview

Each workout offers a quick overview so you can instantly see which ropes you need, which exercises you'll be doing, and how much time you'll need.

App Workouts and Challenges

Workout Timer

Our custom workout timer guides you through each workout with intuitive audio and visual cues. Interval colors match our rope weights to show you what ropes to use.

App Workouts and Challenges

Block Preview

Get a quick view of what's coming up next in your workout.

Share Your Workout Results

Workout Summary

See how many calories you've burned after each workout and share your results with friends.

Workout Ratings and Feedback

Workout Feedback

Quick workout rating feature lets you rate your completed workouts to boost their popularity in the feed.

App Activity Tracking

Track Your Activity

Track how many workouts you've completed, calories you've burned, and view your challenge progress through the new activity tracking portal.

Learn New Jump Rope Skills


Learn new skills and exercises with our library of comprehensive jump rope tutorials.

App Challenges

Fitness Challenges

If you're looking for a program to follow, explore our unique jump rope challenges and find the one that fits your goals.