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3 years. To be dropped on 30 mm-thick rubber flooring. Indoor use only. Norma…


3 years. To be dropped on 30 mm-thick rubber flooring. Indoor use only. Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty.


Diameter, Collar Opening, Insert Type, Weight Tolerance, Warranty, Red - 25 kg, Blue - 20 kg, Yellow - 15 kg, Green - 10 kg,


450 mm
Collar Opening:
50.4mm +/- 0.1 mm
Insert Type:
Steel with Chrome Plating
Weight Tolerance:
+/- 10 grams
3 years
Red - 25 kg:
Thickness - 63 mm
Blue - 20 kg:
Thickness - 52 mm
Yellow - 15 kg:
Thickness - 42 mm
Green - 10 kg:
Thickness - 32 mm


Equipfit Competition Plates

Designed for weightlifting in both competitive and training enviroments.

Equipfit competition plates are designed to be at the forefront of plate design innovation with both durability and tight tolerances being a key focus. Product testing is carried out with every batch to ensure our quality standards are met in regards to weight tolerances, hardness, dead drop and durability . Our secret inner steel plate construct and flanges reinforces the plates against shear forces after repeated drops and make the plates easier to handle. The vibrant colours, embossed finish and fresh odor shows what we strive for in quality finishes.

IWF standards
Manufactured in accordance with IWF quality standards
Drop tested from a height of 2.2 M for 60 Mins, 300 times. This is equivalent to 60,000 drops under regular use.
Average measurement was a 90 on the Durometer Shore Test ensuring the rubber is high quality and hard with a high resistance to permanent indentation and failure (insert coming out or plates warping).
Dead drop
When out plates drop a rebound small rebound between 35-45mm can be expected.
Special Inner Construct
Minimal 2mm gap will always be maintained between the steel disc and rubber plates.
Protective Flanges
Double flanges for added protection and convenience. The inside flange prevents direct steel on steel contact between center plates. The outer flange provides a convenient lip allowing for easy pick up. Both flanges reduce scuffing and help preserve the plates finish and lettering.
Vibrant Colours, Embossed Lettering with a Quality Finish
Instant appeal with a matte finish. Plates also have raised lettering for a clean, bold look.
Fresh Odor
100% Original rubber with no smell, or harmful chemicals.
Equipfit Competition Weightlifting Plate - 140 kg Set Includes;
2 x Equipfit Competition Weightlifting Bumpers - 25 kg, 2 x Equipfit Competition Weighlifting Bumpers - 20 kg, 2 x Equipfit Competition Weighlifting Bumpers - 15 kg, 2 x Equipfit Competition Weighlifting Bumpers - 10 kg

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