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Variety Without Compromise

One Bar, Multipurpose Strength and Endurance Training

If looking for the best multipurpose strength and endurance training bar, the XF bar is the way to go. Designed and engineered to be specifically well suited for functional fitness training, the XF bar combines rotating and fixed bearings to ensure optimal spin for fast, explosive Olympic movements without compromising performance in heavy powerlifts. The XF bar, ideal for fitness athletes and those training at home, features our least aggressive knurling presenting a balanced grip that gives full control while remaining comfortable for higher volume training sessions.

1.0 Knurling
320 mm Loadable Sleeve
Needle bearings and bushings
15 kg
25 mm

Designed For

Multipurpose functional strength training


Balanced for both control and comfort

Dual Grip Markings

Bar features dual markings for weightlifting and powerlifting

Varied Uses

One bar appropriate for all types of lifts


Optimal Rotation

The re-engineered sleeve construction is specifically designed to deliver a more stable and controlled rotation. The rotation is optimized for smooth performance under load giving lifters a more connected and precise experience.

Lasting Performance

Redesigned bearings, improved greasing processes and a dust proof seal keeps critical parts well lubricated and operating at their best with minimal maintenance.

Strong yet Flexible

e enhanced the surface treatment and hardening process of our proprietary Swedish steel to make our bars even stronger without sacrificing the legendary flexibility that forms the foundation of the coveted "Eleiko feeling".

Simplified Strength

Designed for multipurpose strength and endurance training, this bar features a combination of rotating and fixed bearings to ensure great spin for fast Olympic movements without compromising performance in heavy powerlifts.


Magnetic Brush

Every bar is delivered with a brush to clean chalk from your bar after use. Stick it you your storage, squat rack, chalk stand or platform frame, the magnet in the handle keeps the brush where you need it most.


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2010 mm


15 kg


12 years ?

Grip Surface


Sleeve Surface


Bearings and Bushings

Needle bearings and bushings

Grip Marking

Hybrid ?

Max Load

1500 kg

Grip Diameter

25 mm

Sleeve Diameter

50 mm

Flange Width

30 mm


1.0 - Medium Sharp, High Performance Grip ?

Loadable Sleeve

320 mm

Dustproof Seal

Yes ?

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