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Essential Training Tool.

Light, easily transportable and versatile catering to a range of training purposes;

- Body Weight Assistance and Resistance (Pull Up / Push Up Progression)
- Explosive Plyometrics 
- Powerlifting Strength Training (Deadlifts, Bench, Squat)
- Sprint, Speed and Agility Training
- Aerobics
- Stretching, Flexibility and Mobility
- General conditioning Rehabilitation

- Inspect your bands thoroughly BEFORE EVERY use for any tears, wear, or damage. Bands will eventually wear out and can break over time. NEVER use a damaged band!
- Do not tie the gym resistance band on itself as this will increase the chance of breakages.
- When you purchase bands you agree to use them for the intended purpose and at your own risk.

XS - 1040mm x 14mm wide x 4mm thick Orange 3kg - 16 kg
S -1040mm x 20mm wide x 4.5mm thick (TOP SELLER) Red 4.5kg - 23kg
M - 1040mm x 30mm wide x 4.5mm thick (POPULAR) Purple 11.5kg - 36.5kg
L - 1040mm x 45mm wide x 4.5mm thick (POPULAR) Green 17kg - 55kg
XL - 1040mm x 65mm wide x 4.5mm thick Blue 27kg - 68kg
XXL - 1040mm x 85mm wide x 5mm thick Black 36kg - 90kg














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