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Rx Smart Rings

The Rx Smart Ring is a cutting edge tool developed to assist athletes in training the false grip for muscle ups.  This redesigned gymnastic ring utilizes our new Box Shaped design in conjunction with the strategically placed Stability Platforms. These platforms improve leverage and increase false grip stability. The Rx Smart Ring offers the world's only true progression for false grip training.

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  1. Crossfits Best Inventions 

    Posted by Sam on 7th Nov 2014

    I purchased the rings about 2 weeks ago and love them. They are great for beginners but I really like how the rings support your wrists. I am 6'8 240 and the rings allow me to do multiple muscle ups without putting lots of pressure on your wrists. Every gym should own one. Thanks Rx Smart Gear

  2. So far so good; Great tool for false-grip strength progression 

    Posted by Tony on 18th Jul 2014

    I purchased these with the intention of advancing through the progressions of an inverted muscleup. Like the regular muscleup (which I'm pretty proficient in), a successful inverted muscleup relies heavily on maintaining a false-grip (but in an inverted hang position), as the false-grip is often times the lynchpin of the muscleup. If you haven't tried a false grip in an inverted hang position, it hurts!, and it almost feels like it is exponentially more difficult than a false grip in a regular hang position. These rings have allowed me to strengthen my inverted-hang false grip position and, as a result, has allowed me to perform greater range of motion ring rows in the inverted hang position (elbows now easily bend beyond a 90 degree angle when pulling). I started out with the largest platform, and have now progressed to the "medium" platform. I'd say another few months, and I should be able to comfortably do these full range of motion inverted ring rows on regular rings.

    Overall, a great training tool to progress through the false grip, which again is the lynchpin of muscleups (both regular and inverted). High quality stuff here too (I own rings from Rogue and MuscleDriver, and can say these are on the same level of quality).

  3. Genius 

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jan 2014

    Not to take anything away from Rx Smart Gear, but these rings are so good I'm surprised it took this long for somebody to think of them! :) 

    First of all, the squared off shape of the normal section of the ring is SO much better than traditional round rings. The squared shape gives you a lot more surface area to grip, allowing you to generate more power, and feel more secure. 

    Then you have the two sizes of platforms, which are truly genius. Anyone who's' spent time on rings knows how uncomfortable the false grip can be, and how your training time is determined by how long you can stand that discomfort before you have to switch to normal grip, which is fine, but it's not quite the same as false grip. These platforms really allow you to progressively gain comfort in the false grip (from the large platform, to the medium, to the normal ring) while still being able to train all those elements in the false grip for much longer periods of time before that discomfort sets in. That alone is invaluable. Then you have the built-in band hooks for resistance band training. These really are a perfectly designed product.


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