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- Made to Kettlebell Competition Sport Standards 
- Girevoy colours, dimensions and calibrated.
- 35mm Handle

- Lifetime warranty.
Not offered elsewhere our kettlebells we have the confidence in our bells to guarantee their structural integrity for life.
- No defects, no welding, no fillers and no rattling. Our bells are produced using precision steel single mold gravity casting technology. This removes the need for welding and the possibility of breakages. No fillers also means a more accurate weight and not rattling. Our bells are safe.

- Erogonomic.
Our bell feel amazing which is crucial in those max rep competition lifts. Our bells are balanced and comfortable and are also known to produce better work output results and personal records in strength and endurance. This is due to two reason;
- Better weight distribution. Top heavy bells (heavy handle) along with pure casting allow for a more stable lift when overhead and in the rack position. This reduces the likelihood of injury and promote energy efficiency.
- Handle (Window) is designed for easier insertion, increased grip and reduced lateral slipping resulting in increased comfort.

48kg - Gold
40kg - White
36kg - Black
32kg - Red
28kg - Orange
24kg - Green
20kg - Purple
18kg - Purple
16kg - Yellow
12kg - Blue
8kg - Pink

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