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Quality you will never regret - Look great, feel great and last.

Durable, with a dead drop and built to the quality standards set by the IWF, these competition bumper plates are a dream.

These 10kg rubber plates are essential for any Strength and conditioning center and paired with a bar become a complete training tool.

IWF Standards - Manufactured in accordance with IWF quality standards.

Minimal Bounce - Tested on a Shore A Durometer scale, the Equipfit Competition Plates average measurement was a 92. This ensure a consistent dead drop with minimal bounce.

Durable - Drop Tested from 2.2 M for 60 Mins, 300 times. This is equivalent to 60,000 drops under regular use.

Special Inner Construct - Minimal 1mm gap will always be maintained between the steel disc and rubber plates.

Raised Flanges - Specifically designed raised rubber flanges are located on both the inside and outside rim of the rubber plate. The inside flange prevents direct steel on steel contact between center plates. The outer flange provides a convenient lip allowing for easy pick up. Both flanges reduce scuffing and help preserve the plates finish and lettering.

Vibrant Colours and Quality Finish - Instant appeal with a matte finish. 25KG - 10KG Plates also have raised lettering for a clean, bold look.

Fresh Odor - 100% Original rubber with no smell, or harmful chemicals.

*Price per plate

Diameter:  450 mm
Collar:  50.4 +/- 0.1 mm
Plate Thickness:  49 mm
Weight Tolerance:  +/- 10 g
Weight: 10 kg
Colour:  Green
Hardness:  92
Center Metal:  Steel with Chromed plating
Warranty: 3 years

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